A strike for better payments by the workers of the fast food companies

The world has been witnessed of many strikes that has been called on for several reasons and in different periods of time. But this time the strike has been called on by the workers of the fast food companies regarding their payments. This strike has been one of the most massive one that the world have not seen before. This strike has been called on by the people who work in Mc Donald’s, one of the largest fast food chains over the globe. Following the strike of the Mc Donald’s this strike has also been followed by the workers of Domino’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and many more.

The main reason regarding this strike is the hike of their salary. Mnay people at this certain point resigned from their post so as to their needs get to be fulfilled by the authorities. They also need a better working place, a condition that has been making a stride in the world for many days. Other than this the workers also asked the higher authorities to have their own union which will look after their condition without hampering the work. It has been found that the wages that have been paid to the workers are not worthy of living in New York City. Their condition and the style of living were increasingly making a downward movement.

Many people who are associated with the economics of the state have also supported the needs of the workers. It has been found that the nets that have been provided to them are below the level to sustain a lifestyle. This strike therefore was therefore an optimistic one. This whole incident took place on April 4, 2013 the 45th assassination anniversary of Martin Luther King. But with so much protest going on the authorities are found to be tight lipped. No one from these international food chains make any comment in front of the media and the people for a single time. via b96.cbslocal