A new establishment in friendship

Friendship between two countries has been seen by the world taken into new directions. But this time China and Pakistan have made their friendship stronger by installing coal power plants in the province of Balochistan. A Chinese company has taken this initiative. It has been reported by the press of the two countries that four coal power plants will be installed in Gadani, which is one of the larger area of Balochistan and will produce about 2400 megawatt of electricity. According to many political experts this initiative will make an entry to tighten the friendship between these countries and will also try to resolve the problems that have been faced by the other country at the international level. The agreement has been signed according to a memorandum.

The Official residency of the Punjab Chief Minister has made the news in front of the world after the signing. The Punjab Government’s Secretary for Energy, Usman Bajwa and Mr. Wang Zhiying who is the Vice President of the famous Chinese lighting company China Power International Holdings (CPIH) has signed the agreement and according to this agreement the company will produce 2400 megawatt of electricity. The Government of Pakistan and that place has highly appreciated this project and has also promised to give every support from the Government at any point of time.

In an interview by the media for the project, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has rightly stated the questions to the media. He said that this opportunity not only bond the friendship between these two countries but will also makes an opportunity for the present and the upcoming generations to get a secured job. Mr. Wang Zhiying who is the Vice President of China Power International Holdings (CPIH) has accepted the statement and makes sure that in the future years many more projects will be done here to make the bonding tighter than before. via thenewstribe