Rooney Mara walk around before the movie Trash begins

Rooney Mara is a popular actress as well as philanthropist of America. She caught the eye of media person when she was all set to goes for the dinner. She was wearing all black costume while she was enjoying her solo dinner at the restaurant of Fasano on July 24th, Wednesday at the place of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The 28-year-old actress was actually seen wearing the casual outfits while she was scouting locations for the new movie of her. It is named “Trash”. Her co-star in this movie is Martin Sheen. The day before, she was also seen with her co-star and crew members of the movie.

Rooney Mara is one of the popular actresses of America and she is also a philanthropist. She was extremely passionate and dedicated towards her acting career since childhood. She wanted to come in the acting as well as modeling from the very beginning. Rooney was also seen at several places for the promotion of her movie Trash. Trash is one of the popular movies of Rooney. However, she got immense popularity in several films but with the film trash she got fame. Before releasing the movie, she put her best effort in promotions. Not only Rooney, but all the member of the film put their best effort in the promotions for their movie.

But recently she is in the news headlines. Some of the media person has caught her while she was walking alone in the road of Rio, Brazil. According to her, she was just going for a solo dinner in an amazing restaurant of Rio. However, she was wearing a casual black dress but she was looking extremely stunning and gorgeous. So, know more about her by opening the given link, you will get to see lot of pictures of her. via justjared