Facts about French Nuclear plants

Almost 30 Greenpeace campaigners got arrested just after breaking into the EDF nuclear-powered plant in the southern France, stating that they desired to expose safety flaws as well as demanding it’s extremely closure. The activists who wore the red dress explained that they reached the ramparts of two nuclear reactors at a Tricastin plant; it is one of France’s first. EDF has denied the fact that they actually had got in any kind of sensitive areas along with that said manufacture was not really affected. Interior Minister Manuel Valls just called for the analysis in the interruption that raised queries about a security of France’s 19 atomic plants as well as 58 reactors.

The activists who actually entered the nuclear plant at dawn unfolded the black and yellow banner on the wall above the certain picture of President Francois Hollande, which is marked along with the words written: “Tricastin, nuclear accident – President of the catastrophe?” Yannick Rousselet who is known as the in charge of the nuclear issues of Greenpeace France have explained in a particular statement that along with an action, Greenpeace is actually asking Francois Hollande about Tricastin plant that is considered as the five most dangerous in France. France’s nuclear security organization ASN actually did not contain Tricastin in the list that is released in the month of April of six atomic plants along with the bottommost security performance in the year of 2012.

The act rebounded strains amongst the ecologists and the Socialist government who allege Hollande for not doing sufficient work to diminish France’s depend on the nuclear power as well as the upsurge the usage of renewable causes of the energy. Number of people out there does not have any idea about these particular nuclear plants so they can easily open the given link. via reuters