Pencil drawings of some iconic photos

Pencil art drawings are considered as one of the amazing art forms. It has been circuiting a scene from art’s theoretical birth. From architecture to cartoon, this is extremely flexible just like a rubber band and people never stop to be astonished at pencil art drawings. A popular trending art topic at this moment is quite realistic pencil and sketch drawings. In recent times, hyper-realistic sketch and pencil drawings have just emerged as the label which various realistic pencil drawing encompass.

John Paul Thurlow is one of the popular sketch artists and he has gained a massive popularity by his own sketch and pencil art. He has started covering his project before some years. He always had a goal to achieve in his life. He wanted to recreate all the covers of his own widespread magazine assortment. He gathered the entire magazine collection only by taking several magnificently produced or created and flawless pictures. After assorting all the perfect pictures he reimagined the only by using a 0.7mm mechanical pencil since the year 2009. The entire details and information was published on his tumblr.

John Paul Thurlow used be an extremely creative artist and he always wanted to accomplish his mission in every convenient way. He began his project in the year 2009. Thurlow was basically from New York and he expanded his own creativity of pencil drawings or pencil sketch to just include the albums posters and covers. One of his popular pencil drawings is the picture of George Harrison. The original portrait of George Harrison is made by Richard Avedon in the year 1967. Thurlow recreated this portrait with an awesome touch of his pencil art. The recreated picture has acquired a massive popularity. If you want to know more about the portrait then, you are allowed to open the given link. via wcbsfm.cbslocal

And Thurlow’s recreation using just pencil:

Image courtesy of John Paul Thurlow

Image courtesy of John Paul Thurlow