Encroachment And Litter At Jalo More

Jalo More, Rampur, Batapur is in the NA-130 constituency for the National Assembly of Pakistan. This is adjacent to Lahore, the capital city of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The name Batapur was awarded to the place as it was initially meant for the workers of the Bata shoe factory. Post independence period huge industrial area has come up in the near vicinity making the place very important. The Faisal bazaar has also grown to be a large market area.

But, the sufferings of the people over there have continued to grow with time and it seems that there is no remedy in the near future. The Jalo road is extremely unclean with litters spread all around making it hell of a place. This resulted in a very unhealthy condition and the people staying in the area are suffering from Malaria and many other diseases. There have been many prayers and petitions to the authorities, but it seems that those are not enough to make the local authorities understand the gravity of the situation. People are now very much annoyed about the unhygienic condition.

To add fuel to the fire, encroaching is another serious issue of the Jalo More. There is encroachment on both sides by the local vendors. Thus, the road became narrow causing jamming of traffic in the area. The condition is so precarious that, most of the times, the vehicles move at a snail’s speed due to the traffic congestion and people are finding it extremely difficult to move on the roads and go to the Faisal bazaar due to the traffic congestion and litters all over. The concerned authorities are again urged to awake up from their hibernation and take steps to clear up the litters and remove encroachment so that people may be able to live peacefully. via dawn

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