Amazon Japan Hires Goats To Take Care Of Grass Growth

Clearing grasses and weeds is a real problem involving lot of mowing and people often get tired of mowing the lawns. Of late Amazon Japan has encountered the problem of excessive grass and weed growth at their distribution center in the Gifu Prefecture. As hiring a landscaper for removing the weeds and grasses involves huge cost, the internet retailer opted for using goats for nibbling down the uncontrollable grass and weed growth at their lawn spreading around 3,750 square meters.

The goats are supposed to be hired from a local farm. They will come once in week up to the end of October for chomping out the grass, weeds and other plants. But, the goats have reputation of munching everything around them and for this reason the company had to arrange a 1.6 meters high fence surrounding the gazing area for blocking the goat’s entry into the warehouse and taste the products stored, so that no one receives a garment with extra holes. Employing goats for weed control is not new. Many states pursue this for maintaining the green spaces.

In fact, this eco-friendly option has been used by many organizations for managing their lawns and this may be the future land mowing solution. What is unique about project of Amazon Japan is that each of the goats has an employee identification badge. Goats have a unique digestive system that destroys the seeds they eat preventing those to transfer into their poops. Although they eat the leaves and stems leaving the root, the weeds and grasses never grow vigorously as before. Use of goats involves less cost and the goat manure works as a fertilizer. Goats are also seemed to happy with their new employment as one replied to many queries with cheerful Meeeeh. via Jin115, HamusokuDoshin Web | via Jin115, Hamusoku | via en.rocketnews24