Burbank Patterson taken legal action over Hepatitis A outburst related the Costco berries

Greg Patterson, a Burbank southern California man has sued Costco, alleged he get a hold to hepatitis A for eaten up the frozen berries of Costco, warehouse club, which is the only club, has largest American membership. It is the dealer of world’s no.1 organic foods. It chained to all outlet store of Burbank and caused the sickness of hepatitis A in eight states. Burbank man put forth the fifth filed lawsuit against Costco in California for the chain based Townsend farms. Patterson spoke to CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen,“I’ve been like dead. I don’t do anything; your liver really swells up. It’s hard to breathe. You can’t eat. You can’t drink any water. I was really dehydrated; my blood pressure was way down.

I try to get organic everything. Berries or vegetables, like we all do. You gotta eat healthy,” and for the first time attempt to eat the brand outcome, says Patterson. He described how the disease caused for him, when he got a phone call from the Los Angeles county Department of Health verified him whether he had munch any of the berries, that is reason for the illness. His Legal representative, Ron Simon said Patterson declared and aroused symptoms on May. He has lost 20 bucks of pound, failed to go a month of work and still receiving the treatment.

Federal authorities says the Townsend farm frozen berries sold out by Costco’s chain store reported with 100 cases and no death have been stated. Costco prohibited that product from the farm and put forward the camp for vaccination around 240,000 patrons who badly bought defendant berries. When Nguyen reached Costco for the view regarding the proceeding and the answers were fruitless and failed to justify about the food contamination in California. via losangeles