Shirtless Selfies of Two Jonas Brothers

Of late taking selfies has become an inseparable part of the modern lifestyle. The trend posting selfies on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has emerged like anything and has become widespread for self presentation and members of the Jonas family were no exception to that. Nick Jonas is the 20 years old member of the Jonas family. Although he was never known for a well built body, he recently crated sensation by flaunting his amazing abs on Instagram and now he will be known for good figure. In the image Nick was shirtless and his right hand was tucked behind his head. This helped for displaying his bulging bicep fully. He offered the best stare into the camera and this selfie has attracted millions of female followers over Instagram.

But, he is not the lone Jonas member to go shirtless on Instagram. Seeing Nick on the Instagram his elder brother Joe also posted a shirtless selfie with a pooch on Instagram immediately afterwards. Holding a white puppy with his hands, Joe added some cute factor into the selfie. Joe and the puppy had large dark brown eyes and both of them were staring downwards.
Nick had a ripped body with nice looking abs and well toned muscles; Joe was having massive neck and well developed upper arms. While he tried to match the selfie of his brother, it projected the puppy more than his body.

Had there been a shirtless selfie of Kevin it would have completed the Jonas family and we would have been able to see who has the best body.
Now it is a question whether you will go for good abs or for a cute puppy. Visit the page and check which one of the two shirtless selfies you prefer. via celebuzz